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    Great location

    Hotel Centrala is located in an extraordinary location where it all begins – the Poljice Jahorina.

    Garden and restaurant

    Relaxation and relaxation during a ski break or a good family lunch.

    Ski rental

    Rent or service sports equipment from the top brands Fischer and Elan.

    Wellness area

    The wellness area offers guests a relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful setting – opening in 2022/23 season.


    The headquarters is the perfect place to start and end every day on Jahorina. What about the environment, you ask… Don’t worry, the Central has taken care of the environment as well.


    Whether you are a guest in one of the 12 apartments of Centrala, you are located in the neighborhood or you are coming for a daily visit to Jahorina, a hot drink and an authentic mountain breakfast in Centrala is the right recipe to start an unforgettable day. While the hard-working employees of the Olympic Center are preparing facilities that guarantee a good time, treat yourself to a moment of peace with a beautiful view of the surrounding slopes and the Poljice plateau.


    Jahorina is a mountain located partly in the municipality of Pale and to a lesser extent in the municipality of Trnovo Republika Srpska, BiH, which belongs to the Dinaric mountain system. The highest peak is Ogorjelica with 1,916 m above sea level. In summer it is covered with thick green grass, and in winter up to 3 m high snow. Jahorina extends from 43 ° 39 ‘to 43 ° 47’ north latitude and from 18 ° 31 ‘to 18 ° 43 east longitude.


    Outstanding terrain configuration, abundance of high quality skiing snow, favorable climate, 20 km of trails for alpine disciplines and gentle slopes (Paradise Valley) have made this mountain among the most beautiful and famous ski resorts.