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Ski rental

Ski resort CENTRALA combines services of renting and servicing equipment for skiing, snowboarding and other winter joys 🙂

If you are a beginner or want to improve your skiing or snowboarding technique, the friendly staff of the ski resort will help you book the services of a licensed SKI SCHOOL. There is also a SKI SHOP where you will find a good selection of sports equipment, a gift or a souvenir for your loved ones.



1. HYGIENE in the first place. The ski area is equipped with top ventilation and regular disinfection is performed. More importantly, all equipment that comes in direct contact with the client’s skin is disinfected after use. CENTRALA is the only rental in Jahorina that has a sophisticated EASYFRESH system from Wintersteiger for disinfection of boots and helmets. This system is becoming the standard in the sports equipment rental industry, and we are the first in BiH to use it.

2. SELECTION of equipment we offer through ski rental. We do not believe in the established practice that one type of ski, boot, snowboard… can meet the needs of most clients. We are all really different and we want to emphasize that. Our philosophy is that there is perfect equipment for everyone and that no compromises are needed. That is why we have prepared a wide selection of equipment from those adapted to beginners and clients who want to improve their technique, to professional race models, models adapted for freeride, touring or carving.

3. Regular SERVICE of equipment. Thanks to the modern service machines we have at our disposal, we have the opportunity to do a thorough service of unpaid equipment after each rental. We are the only ones on Jahorina to guarantee that the skis you get to use will be in perfect condition in order to be ready to face the challenges on the Jahorina slopes.

4. Modern WINTERSTEIGER machines for ski and snowboard equipment service. Top automation with the vigilant supervision of our professional staff guarantees an excellent result whether you need a quick intervention on the equipment, 5-minute service or preparation of equipment for the competition. Watching our service technicians at work is an experience in itself.