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About Us

Centrala Jahorina

The headquarters is the perfect place to start and end every day on Jahorina. What about the environment, you ask … Don’t worry, the Centrala took care of the environment as well.

Whether you are a guest in one of the 12 apartments of Centrala, you are located in the neighborhood or you are coming for a daily visit to Jahorina, a hot drink and an authentic mountain breakfast in Centrala is the right recipe to start an unforgettable day. While the hard-working employees of the Olympic Center are preparing facilities that guarantee a good time, treat yourself to a moment of peace with a beautiful view of the surrounding slopes and the Poljice plateau.

You’re done with breakfast and it’s time for action! In winter, summer, spring or while our favorite season on the mountain lasts – autumn, Jahorina offers visitors a lot.

Top skiing, snowboarding, sledding are the first thing you think of when Jahorina is mentioned. But that’s not all. Over 20km of marked hiking trails for easy walking or top trekking, snowshoeing, tubing, cycling, paragliding, organized tours on quads (ATVs) and snowmobiles, panoramic rides, landscaped gyms and outdoor playgrounds, sports fields, a beautiful lake on top of the mountain, and increasingly popular adrenaline activities – mountain bobsleigh, zip line Skydive, Loopster and Tower, make Jahorina an inexhaustible source of activity.

Before you embark on an adventure, stop by our ski resort where you can rent sports equipment from top brands Fischer and Elan, seek the help of a ski instructor, buy something from the interesting offer of our shop or simply talk to the staff who are always ready to share a Jahorina secret.

You are finally ready for an adventure. For easy heating, there is an anchor of Poljice with a departure station only ten meters away from the Centrala. During that time, the children will be delighted by the Poljice ski kindergarten, where under the watchful eye of animators and licensed ski / snowboard instructors they will make their first ski steps, have fun in Santa’s town or on the tubing track. It’s time for more serious challenges. The nearby six-seater Poljice takes you to the top of Jahorina from where there is a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains Romanija, Trebević, Bjelašnica, Treskavica and a little further Zelengora, Maglić and Vlašić, all the way to Zlatibor and Durmitor. Below you are now 46km of alpine and 10km of Nordic trails, which guarantee a good time whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountain wolf.

Fatigue catches up with you and it’s time for a break. Stop by the Centrala where the atmosphere begins to heat up. While you refresh yourself in our garden or restaurant, the certified staff of the ski resort will, with the help of the most modern service machines from Wintersteiger, perform a quick service of your equipment, in order to be ready for new challenges.

You will make a few more descents, while our chefs prepare a lunch to remember, your reminder of why you always eat well on the mountain. The atmosphere in Centrala reaches its peak. Apres-ski in our way will make you love this place and make it your Centrala.

Winter days are short and night falls on Jahorina. You think about the past day and sort out your impressions. Outside, the lights come on illuminating perfectly groomed trails ready for night skiing. You are tired, but you cannot resist this unique experience – it is powerful at night, they say on Jahorina. You may still leave the night for another evening and decide to relax with a glass of wine, a light dinner and recharge your batteries in the Centrala wellness area.

Anyway, you are in the right place!

Your Centrala



Jahorina is located in the heart of the Balkans, at the junction of cold continental and warm Mediterranean climate, with the highest peak Ogorjelica 1916m above sea level, which is why it is very healthy and pleasant to spend winter days on this mountain.

The ski resort on the mountain boasts 46km of alpine and 10km of Nordic trails and the most modern snowmaking system.

At all times, the perfectly groomed trails are connected by state-of-the-art ski lifts to transport skiers and boarders, with a total capacity of around 17,000 skiers per hour. Skiers on Jahorina can choose to ski on easy trails, medium difficulty trails as well as on difficult trails that are adapted to more experienced and skilful skiers. 46 km of trails are covered with one gondola, three six-seater lifts, one two-seater and three ski lifts.

The youngest skiers on this mountain are given the most attention, two ski kindergartens with a conveyor belt, a tubing trail and numerous entertainment facilities have been prepared for them. Ski kindergartens are most suitable for toddlers and beginners because they can make their first ski steps and have endless fun in the snow.

For adventurers and adrenaline lovers, there is also a night ski trail on which a newly lit one has been built, which allows you to enjoy skiing even after sunset. Night skiing is the best way to end the day on the mountain. Jahorina skiers and boarders have the opportunity to feel the charms of Jahorina at night and literally spend the day on skis.